Symfony community survey 2017

Symfony community survey 2017

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  • March 10, 2017

Сейчас проводится масштабный опрос коммьюнити разработчиков на симфони. Прими и ты в нем участие. Повлияй на развитие одного из лучших фреймворков! Cсылка на опроc Плюсом будет специальный бадж в профиле на sensio labs.

Dear Symfony community member,

We are so pleased to count you as a member of the superb Symfony community! Thank you again for your involvement, whether you’ve been using Symfony for days, months or years :)

As public opinion is of utmost importance to any Open Source project, we’re launching a new Symfony survey to better understand how you work with the framework and how we can improve it.

Our last survey dates to 2012 and, as you know, many things have changed since then: Symfony 3 has been released, the certifications for Symfony 2.3 and 3 are available and much more.

Your opinion is essential to help us grow the future of Symfony together and our survey only takes about 5 minutes to do!

Once you have completed the survey, you’ll earn a special badge on your SensioLabsConnect profile, just like in 2012!The results of the survey will be available within a week after the survey is closed.Thank you for your help!